Friday, July 19, 2013

Overheard - An Addendum to the QTs

{In the car on the way home from school}
E - Mama, I still want to marry Harrison.
Me - You do?
E - Yeah I really do.
Me - Do you think he is the right man for you?
E - He is the right man for me.
Me - Did God show you he was the right man for you?
E - Yes He did.
Me - Oh okay. Don't you think you need to be way big to get married?
E - Yes... I still want to marry Harrison.
Me - Okay
E - I'm the right girl.
Me - You're the right girl for Harrison?
E - Yes I'm the right girl for Harrison.
Me - Okay


{In the kitchen}

Me - Go get your pillows (aka Frosted Mini Wheats)
R - Piiillow, Pillllow, Pilloooow

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  1. Hey, when you know, you know :)

    1. Right! Well hopefully Harrison is on board with her plans! My prediction is once she goes back to 3 yr old class in the fall her little friend who she HAD to sit next during circle time AND snack time will take over... again. Harrison will be in the 2 yr old class so it will be interesting to see how he fares!!! Ha!