Thursday, July 18, 2013

Snuggle Time... Pregnancy Version

Here's to a Life Lately Link-up! {I love snuggling with the girls, together or the whole fam; trying to imagine what snuggle time will look/feel like come late-October}

So E loves to snuggle... some nights. Well I cannot fit very well in her toddler bed on a good night. Now that I have a bump to intrude on snuggling process I told E that the baby and I could not snuggle.

Well quick thinking E grabbed all the essentials. Pillow, Nini, and her Tinkerbell blanket and she was off to the races for a snuggle... in our bed. I may have gotten a raised eyebrow from Lee when he opened the bathroom door to find a solid half of the bed now covered in snuggling materials... but totally could not say no to the cuteness : )

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