Behind the Scenes - Sisters on the Swing set

We recently had a swing set put up in the backyard. Normally both girls want to be pushed on the 'wings' {according to R}. Sometimes, though, E want to be big and push her sister. It is so sweet watching them together. If I am pushing R is never looks behind to see me but when E is 'pushing' her R is totally interested in what E is doing. E gives commentary on how hard it is to push or how high R is going. 

The only downside to the pushing is that E has unfortunately learned the hard way about gravity and what swings up will swing down. Fortunately E has only gotten in the crossfire of the swinging R once - but once was enough to have her make a wide arch around the swing when it is swinging. 

I cannot wait to see these girls grow up together!

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  1. My favorite part of having two kids is watching them together. There is certainly sibling bickering sometimes, but the times they truly interact happily is my favorite.


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