Friday, July 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes - I'll take 100 degree heat anytime now Edition

--- 1 ---

{Here's to Papa...}

{While discussing if Lee followed up about something}

Lee - Chicky, I have not thought about that since the last time we talked about it two days ago
Me - Why not?
Lee - I have been thinking about other stuff
Me - Like what?
Lee - Everything else
Me - Do you think about me?
Lee - {Pause} Sometimes
Me - Really? Not all the time?
Lee - You nut!

--- 2 ---
R has totally taken to mimicking/doing things that E is doing. Puzzles, running up and down the porch, animal noises - everything. Even though it does not annoy E (yet) R is her shadow. It is super cute. I also had the insane realization that R is not small anymore. She looks so massive in her crib. I cannot even explain it. Moving on... She loves putting her dirty clothes in the laundry basket. She will occasionally say "tan u" if you give her something. "nak, nak, nak" has been a staple word to ensure she gets food when she wants it. I am trying to teach her dog/cat/cow sounds. Her version of Meow is priceless. She knows where her nose is (and unfortunately will put her finger up it in the process of pointing it out), she knows where her belly button is but confuses her ears and eyes which is just funny to watch. It is so interesting to tell her something like "Its time to pray" or "Shoes on" or "Monkey stays out of the bathroom" and she knows exactly what you are saying. Compliance is another issue but seeing as we having a semi-compliant 3 yr old - I'll take a 17 month old who at least knows what we're saying : )

--- 3 ---
I don't have a pic of this one because it happened so fast and it's totally Lee's fault. So a few nights ago E is having her 5 minutes and then squeeze her goodnight and BAM... a strange looking dot on her head. {Try not to freak out because I am 90% sure what it is} Make Lee confirm that there is a tick on her head. {Try not to freak out because I don't want E freaking out as we try and get this out} Get vitamins to distract E. Speed to well lit bathroom with tweezers. Lee gets his 1000000 watt flashlight. Realize that the tick has not actually bit into her... yet. Get tick. Put it down the sink per Lee. I would have preferred frying the thing but it happened so fast.

We weren't even in the backyard that day too! I know that we will be living in the backyard next week once the playset gets installed - its supposed to be Monday but since we are living in the rain I doubt it will happen.

I'll post pics of the final product at our house, but you get the idea. Oh and E has NO idea so she is going to be super surprised/excited.

--- 4 ---
I have been hard at work on Papa's stocking. No idea if I'll actually finish by Christmas. You know I was about three weeks late getting R's done last year. There are so many quarter stitches it is INSANE. I am thinking that this one is going to be skinner than the girls. The girls stockings came from the same book but Lee's is one that I found online that he liked. There are some really neat stockings out there but at least 50% will never be stitched in this house since St. Nicholas visits us and not the 'jolly fat man' as Lee says. : ) So finding stockings without Santa and that I like is not the easiest thing in the world. 

Nutcracker stocking progress

You may (or may not) notice that I had the pattern mirrored so that the foot will point right - the girls stockings point right and I since I am slightly OCD when it comes to stuff like... Mirroring it was a must

--- 5 ---
Well well... guess what Mama came through with ballet shoes... THIS ONE. While I would have much preferred seeing a little shoe box with soccer cleats in it... I am going to follow in the footsteps of my Mom and {secretly grit my teeth} let E {and all future children} pick their activity and support them. Seriously these boxes (I got two sizes) were so small I thought there was a mistake. E loves these shoes already. I got these "Grow with Me" shoes and there are 3 different strap settings which are confusing plus I have never worn a ballet shoe so what are they supposed to look like. Grammy on speed dial to answer that question. At 10 minutes, I am still not 100% convinced on which shoe is better so the tags remain... and will until Monday. Until someone can clue me into which one is better. Though I am leaning toward the larger size only because I do not want to pay another $20 come September when E is wearing a different shoe size!

E and Papa pointing their toes

Stretching with new shoes on

Practicing her moves

Matching the ballerinas on her puzzle

Oh and Lee went to turn on the alarm last night and he was confused as to what he saw...

Are we ready for ballet camp? OH MY GOODNESS... YOU HAVE NO IDEA!!!

On a related note, a mom whose daughters go to the same studio that E will came in to have her water tested and I explained that this whole dance thing is a whole new world for me - as the soccer field was my playground growing up. She laughed and said that her daughter chose dance over softball last year and she was telling me all the dances and solos and duets that her daughters were doing and it was quite impressive! I told her I could not wait to see Lee waiting/watching at the ballet studio for his little ballerina : ) 

--- 6 ---
Since I have not been running recently, I have taken to blasting some music while riding around by myself. It is such a release for me to find a song I want to listen to and turning up the music and rolling down the windows (its not raining) and getting into the music. I'm always open to a new great song so suggestions are appreciated... Here are a few songs I have been hooked on recently. Don't judge me people!

Bless the Broken Road - Rascal Flatts
Forever - Chris Brown (I always think of those people who danced down the aisle on their wedding dance to this song)
King of Anything - Sara Bareilles
Man in Motion - from St. Elmo's fire (I have no idea, that's what happens when 80s lunch is on when I am on the way to pick up the girls)
Some Nights - Fun. (Its my most recent download. Not really sure about it other than that)

--- 7 ---
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