Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pregnancy Insomnia is for the Birds

The past two nights I have been up/in a semi-awake state for 2+ hours in the middle of the night. It drives me crazy. Is too late to do anything like read or cross stitch so I just lay awake. I move to the couch so I don't bother Lee too much. Two nights in a row is ROUGH!

I have been wanting/needing/dying/nesting to clean our bathroom both mornings this week and I have every intention of doing it but when I'm up from 12:45 to past 3 - not a chance am I going to roll out of bed at 5.

I am convinced (if its not already scientifically proven) that this pregnancy insomnia is to help mamas get ready for caring for an infant at all hours of the night and then testing our functionality for the day with the intermittent sleep from the previous night. Let's just say when there is a baby involved it makes the being up a few hours at night WORTH IT.

For now, its just annoying.

On tap for functionality testing: getting out of the house, confession, work, lunch, playing on the swing set, ballet camp, dinner, bath night, clean bathroom

Goals for making it through - get bathroom done during rest time, take E to ballet camp without R (my head was swirling with ballet/activity questions in the wee hours of the morning so I really want to give it a fair chance)

Discovery to be made - Lee has some crazy water spots in his closet - which happen to be above the upstairs sink. Will we be replumbing the entire upstairs? I am kind of hoping so because these leaks are annoying.

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  1. Ugh. Insomnia is the worst. I had it off and on when I was pregnant and I really did not appreciate it one bit. Particularly during tax season... working 12 hour days only to come home and not be able to sleep? Yeah, no thanks. Good luck! Get some lavender smelling things near you to help you!

    1. Does lavender help? I have this lavender oil I put on my face at nights (sometimes). If that is my ticket to a full nights sleep its going on every night! I might need to lather E up in it too! : )

  2. I totally thought the same things about all times I was woken up in the middle of the night to have to go to the bathroom. I kept a mental note of the times because they were pretty consistent each night. Which now that Baby L is here I don't think her night feedings are coincidence that they fall at the same times I had to get up while pregnant.

    1. Oh man! I have not even got into the third trimester late night bathroom trips. When I was pregnant with R I think there were several nights I got up 5 or 6 times!