Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Five Favs - Volume - What should we get Papa for his birthday?

{These gems courtesy of E}

1. A blue baby - errr... yeah. I don't think Papa wants a baby doll. I think Papa would be thrilled with a live baby boy but we won't put our eggs in that basket

2. A Nini - a blue Nini. Papa already has a Nini and it is brown and orange and green.

3. Bubbles and a butterfly bubbler and bubble gun. Turns out E really wants a bubble gun for HER birthday.

4. Minnie, Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Pluto. While I am sure Papa would love a trip to Disney that won't happen and I think we are set with our 1 Mickey, 1 Pluto, 2 Minnie and 2 Goofys.

5. If you have any legitimate birthday present suggestions for a soon to be 36 (gasp) year-old that does not involve books or cookware. Hit me up with some fresh ideas. (Man I am glad to not even be in my 30s yet. Sorry Lee you are t-minus 4 yrs til over the hill)

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