Monday, July 8, 2013

Why I did laundry on Sunday and other weekend ponderings...

{All photos courtesy of Nani}

If you didn't already know, I have a thing about doing all laundry on Saturday (if possible) and I especially don't like doing laundry on Sunday because well... its Sunday.

Well this weekend was an exception to the rule. I got a few loads in before the girls and I went picking corn - aka 'to the corn patch' according to E - early Saturday morning. Nani called me last weekend and asked if I wanted a bushel of corn - I said I'd take 4 or 5 ears well it turns out a bushel is about 10 times what I asked for. Nani's dad planted an (over)abundance of corn on his farm (I heart my semi-country lifestyle). ANYWAY, I was not going to let Nani pick 40 or 50 ears of corn for me without kicking in. So the girls and I put on our boots (old shoes) and headed 2.5 secs over to the farm.

R was relegated to sitting with her 'ball' outside the rows of corn. She was not happy about it from the get go but especially not happy when A. I brought a load of corn to dump into the back of the pick up and B. Nani scooped her up to move her to the other side of the rows (the rows were .5 acre long). E was way into the corn. She could not pull the corn off the stalk but she added delightful commentary regarding the corn, worms, spiders and flowers. There were a few flowers mixed in with the corn and she LOVED collecting those.

When are we going back to the corn patch? - heard that at least 10 times since we left

After an hour of picking we (Nani, her hubby, and her papa)  filled up the back of a pick up truck. So it was on the shucking. Since we had about 50 million (actually 700-800) ears of corn we did it outside to keep the husk and silk mess out of the house. R was not a happy camper so finally I put her in the carseat and pulled the van-no over and she finally went to sleep.

Leaving the corn patch, with R and ball in tote.

E and Nani riding with the corn

E and R helping shuck the corn. Can you spot the van? 

E can I had to leave at 10 to make out lunch date in Wil-town. I really felt bad for leaving Nani and company with ALL THAT CORN. We took 6 or 7 bags full but did not even make a dent in what was harvested. E and I rushed home to change clothes and hopped back in the car - without waking R - to rolled down to Wil-town.

Hello I-95 where I saw out of town license plates from up and down the east coast. (Don't get me started on tolls :  ) We got a few good deals at the consignment shoppe and headed to lunch - I'll do another post what we got shopping. After a good little catch up session with my friend and the girls (all 3 of them) played in the play area it was time to pack up and head home.

We got home about the same time as Papa - he had to work at the store. E and R headed to rest. Lee and I relaxed with books, baseball and cross stitch. THEN I texted Nani to find out how the corn was going. Kind of got a little SOS message back so once the girls got up we headed 5 secs down the road to help Nani and company process all the corn. Clean. Blanche. Sort. Strip the ugly corn. Bag. Freeze. Repeat. The girls hung out with the other kiddos there. E popped in an out to help and 'use my brush'. 3 hours later the corn was a thing of the past.

The guys putting the final batch of corn away

It would have been nice to go out to dinner with Nani and her fammy BUT R was a trainwreck waiting to happen. So we opted for take out and I am grateful I did not get sick because I had some funky tasting meat. As it was nearly 8... skip the bath. Straight to bed for the girls.

Point of the story is I think I got 2 complete loads done in the span of Saturday. There was a significant pile of light colored clothes piled up in our bathroom so it was an unfortunate wash day in the making.

After a not-so-bad church experience we headed home to process our 6 bags of corn and get ready for our lunch guests. Last weekend we had the boys from up the street S&J and their parents over. That was kind of a hot-mess dinner. We were doing hot dogs and hamburgers. Well an hours before they come I realize there are 2 hot dogs left. I text them to find out if only hamburgers is okay - yes - fantastic. Well the hamburgers (8 of them) come off the grill - BAM - we only have 5 buns.... AHHHH!!! Embarrassed? Yeah just a little bit. We have to step up our hosting skills - apologies to our guinea pigs.

SO Sunday we had some OBX travelers over for a rest stop / lunch. We were totally on our A game after last weekend. We had sandwiches with 3 kind of sandwich meat, grapes, watermelon, 4 kinds of chips (we had a ton in the pantry), AND 2 kinds of Oreos. Now we just need to redeem ourselves with the boys and their family!

Lee and I cleaned our corn and I started the wash ritual while the water boiled and Lee got the ice bath ready. We got it all done, 10+ quarts of off the cob corn, done in no time. Jibbe brought ribs and we grilled out, got everyone bathed, and in bed and the laundry was done - at least enough to start the week.

OHHHHH... and I found out that not one, but TWO of our friends have babies on the way. They are still in their first trimester so say an extra prayer for them and all pregnant women. That first trimester is like waiting on pins and needles as you wait to get out of it and in the clear (mostly) from miscarriages.

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