Monday, July 22, 2013

TGI Grandparents

Seriously, seriously? Don't think I can say enough about grandparents because they are pretty darn fantastic. I have a special appreciation for the girls grandparents because A. they have super special relationships with their grandkids - for which I try not to be jealous and B. they are really clutch - especially when I need help.

Grammy will be on girl duty for 12+ hours while I'm gone.

Jibbe will be on call until I get home and helped Lee survive dinner and bath night - which is no small task - especially when E has a crisis/meltdown over her bandaids getting wet and after she screamed for a solid hour on the ride home after dropping me off and would not get out of the car. (No worries, as Papa's nerves were getting repeated dragged over a cheese grater, R was napping)

Some friends/people I know don't have involved grandparents for a number of reasons which are really unimportant - but happens to be a major bummer for all parties involved. I cannot say it enough - I am so grateful that we have grandparents who are close by, actively involved in grandkids lives, and come to the rescue when it comes to childcare - it puts my mind at ease in a way I cannot explain.

Let's hear it for some other really fantastic grandparents that I have heard about of recent:

+ Taking twin grandkids on weeklong vacation - no parents along for the journey : )
+ Taking care of multiple grandkids EVERY SINGLE WEEK DAY...
+ Taking 5, yes FIVE grandkids camping for a week so that new mama and baby numero #6 can have some peaceful bonding time
+ Flying out at a moments notice to help with new baby

What are your my-kids-have-fantastic-grandparents stories?

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