Friday, July 19, 2013

Siete QTs - Overheard Edition

--- 1 ---

{Here's to Papa...}

{Lee folding clothes on the kitchen table}

Me - Why didn't you turn my socks the right way out?
Lee - {eye movement}
Me - Seriously, why didn't you turn my socks right way out and put them together?
Lee - Well, you know Chicky... your socks frighten me.

--- 2 ---

{While in the car on the way home...}

E - I have hair on my legs... Mama why do I have hair on my legs?
Me - To keep the bugs away
E - Mary had a little lamb...

{Seriously what is the thought process here}

--- 3 ---

E - I went to ballet camp!
Grammy - And what did you think?
E - Hmmm I was thinking about R.
Grammy - Why were you thinking about R?
E - ...
Grammy - Did you have a good time?
E - I was a brave ballerina!

--- 4 ---
Grammy - Did Mama pick out some good ballet shoes?
E - No the PBS man!
Grammy - The PBS man??
Me - The UPS man

--- 5 ---
E - Mama park outside
Me - Its raining. I am not moving the van.
E - Mama park outside in the rain. I want to use my umbrella!

{Do you see what I am up against? I let her run/walk/frolic in the (empty) parking lot at school - yep I'm always last - with her umbrella without shoes on. The pics are actually from home because you know she had to use her umbrella then too}

--- 6 ---

E - I'm exercising everything out Mama
Me - {Blank stare}
E - I just have to exercise everything out...

If by exercising you mean take all the toys out of the toy box... 

--- 7 ---
Me - Nose
R - Noooooose {sticks finger up nose)
Me - Teeth
R - {Chomping her teeth}
Me - Belly button
R - {Lifts up dress with huge grin}
Me - Eyes
R - Eyyes {points to ears}
Me - Ears
R - {Blank stare}

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  1. Ha! If I had that umbrella, I'd want to give it a whirl, too!

    1. Her umbrella is a staple accessory - rain or shine. She drags it into the van every morning 'in case it rain'. And will even get it out just for the heck of it on sunny days!

  2. This immediately made me think, Hmmmm... now do I have an umbrella? That looks like SO much fun!

    Read the Quips and thought... man... I love these kids already!

    1. Yeah... they are pretty fantastic. E is very concerned that I NEVER take an umbrella with me because you know holding two little hands in the preschool parking lot plus remembering the bag and the backpack and closing the doors and locking them and carrying an umbrella is a breeze. The umbrella gets axed EVERY TIME - I'd rather get wet!