Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Overheard - I cannot make this stuff up

In no particular order... for your morning amusement. Enjoy!

E - Is that toe-back-co?
Me - No, I think that's sweet potatoes
E - Ohhh, sweet potatoes... I call that SWEEEEPAS!

{While playing with an airplane}
Toy - Welcome aboard enjoy your flight
E - (a syllable behind the toy) Welcome board, enjoy your life!

Me - You need to teach R how to do puzzles
E - Mama, R needs to go to bed!

Little sister puzzle destruction

E - Where ya going Papa?
Lee - To the movies
E - Papa, its raining!
Lee - Its not raining inside the movies
E - {Disbelief}

{While running up and down the front porch while raining; this went on for a solid 5 minutes}
E - Meow, meow two by two
R - Meooo
E - Meow, meow two by two
R - Meo, meooo

E - Mama, the baby needs a Nini!
Me - I know
E - She needs one! Maybe she has one in your tummy
Me - The baby might not be a girl and babies don't come out of Mama's tummy with a Nini
{Say a little prayer for our Nini knitter... k thanks}

E - I have not done the carrousel puzzle since a long time ago
Me - I know
E - I have not done it since I was pregnant with you, yesterday
Me - You have NOT been pregnant!
E - The itzy bitsy spider....

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