Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Skirt-Filled July

Check out Rosie who had some cute skirt outfits - one for each day of the month! Be impressed : ) 

Anyone who knew me in high school would probably not believe me actually writing this post. For the longest time in high school and well into college I believe I could count for you the number of skirts I owned on a single finger - yes you are reading that correctly.

Flash-forward to when Lee and I met and a subsequent 18 months later started dating - he (among with other friends) gave me a hard time about NEVER wearing skirts. Well would you believe that I SLOWLY started warming up to wearing skirts and dresses while we dated?

It was a process but now in my 2nd trimester of the 3rd pregnancy during the HOT and HUMID summer I have been wearing skirts at least 50% of the time. Why?

A. I don't like maternity pants/jeans a whole lot. I have one pair of jeans that I wear to the pool store twice a week because I am not risking getting chlorine on my one jean maternity skirt that is FANTASTIC.

B. Skirts seem to be easier to adjust and don't slip down as easy as some of the pants.

C. It is really hot and the last thing I need is my legs wrapped up in heavy material

D. I have one maternity dress that is summer-ish. I will wear it. Though I am not a huge fan of maternity dresses especially as pregnancy progresses because there is no end to the preggo-tummy. At least with skirts you get some definition of the protruding tummy.

E. I am pretty sure that if I do buy a maternity skirt that I will be about to wear it when I am not pregnant. That is the case with most of my skirts. The jean skirt - not so much - but most of the other yes. So, it is a good buy. I have not bought any maternity clothes okay one maternity skirt from here. It was majorly on sale and it will probably be the only maternity thing I buy during this pregnancy (if I can help it).

F. Don't be fooled if you come to my house or see me outside with the girls I'll likely be in shorts and a t-shirt.

This is by far my favorite skirt EVER.

I know I have used this pic 1000 times but I have not uploaded any pics from our normal camera in a while... I shall work on that!

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  1. What a fun print on that skirt!

    I have an old navy maternity maxi skirt that I looooooooved and would still be wearing if it didn't fall off! That's what happens when I get something that fits all the way through a twin pregnancy, though :P But I bet most regular maxi skirts would fit fine - I just got one from Gap that I know is going to fit once I'm pregnant again!

    Thanks for linking up :)

    1. I have really liked the Gap maternity line (much better than Motherhood Maternity and others) especially because they have a low-rise panel option but have not seen anything thing time around that I am super crazy about!