Friday, July 5, 2013

7 QTs - Red, White, and Blue Edition

--- 1 ---

{Here's to Papa...}

Lee - Good thing its not bath night for you Chicky
Me - No, I'll take a shower if I want to
Lee - No I mean for you giving the girls a bath
Me - {Eye roll} You know when we had J&J over for dinner HE said he would {in quotey fingers} "Help give S&J baths or just give them a bath"
Lee - Ha! He was jiving no doubt about it...

Bathwars abound!

--- 2 ---

I fired TruGreen this week. Seriously Seriously Seriously... They have come four times since we started in February and our yard is full of crab grass. I mean even E and R can pull up the easy weeds. Crab grass is impossible to pull up and kill in season. Those crazy people at TruGreen could NOT even get the local office on the telephone - for a week! {Eye roll} Well good thing Mr. I-don't-give-the-kids-baths has a nifty little spreader attachment for his mower so he's going to be my new TruGreen. Or if I get super desperada next year I'll get on the thing and figure out how it works.

Its worth mentioning that the one single time I drove one of Lee's mowers I broke some belt piece on it so the blade would not go down. He was out of town. It was fantastic riding around like I was on a four wheeler except at a safe speed. It was not fantastic telling him about it when he got home from his trip : )

--- 3 ---

Despite the monsoon like conditions we have experienced here I actually went on a walk around out neighborhood. I LOVE that I can actually walk in our neighborhood - as opposed to the 2 lane speedway we lived off of before. I felt like I was walking like I was 36 weeks pregnant - not a great feeling. Left me wondering how I would feel when I am actually 36 weeks pregnant and how in the world I am going to do this crazy half marathon a few months after baby #3 comes. I need songs to add to my motivational playlist. Ready. Set. Suggestions por favor!

--- 4 ---

A view from the front... Last week we went out to dinner - 5 adults so we all could fit comfortably into the vann-o. I had to take out both carseats... of course... but I put E's in the third row so I would only have to fix one in the morning (which was ingenious because that morning as we were running late {shocking I know} I totally forgot how annoying installing carseats can be. 

ANYWAYS... we have left E in the back to kind of get used to reaching through to the third row and also as a way to sublimity convince Lee I am not crazy for wanting to have the second row as - infant carrier - middle seat - take out captain's chair. Don't worry its totally working and I am either about to take out that captain's chair now or put E back into it.

--- 5 ---

I need to do a whole 4th of July recap - kind like I need to do a whole post on the zoo and E's 3rd birthday. Anyway, we went to a baseball game the night before to see fireworks. My assuming self thought R would be asleep by 9ish - she goes to bed at 6:30ish normally. Well I walked for 1.5 hrs around that stadium with the stroller and by 10:15 I was walked out and R was NOT asleep. 

So we left... without seeing fireworks : ( 

Next day we went to Lee's mom's to go swimming. Then we paraded up to the Parade in Castalia. Next year we are bringing a tent and a cooler because it was insanely hot and the food was pitiful. Lee's mom and brother came over for dinner not long after we got home. 

We have fireworks DVRed for E to watch with us sometime. Next year I vow to have Red White and Blue outfits for the kids and some sort of Red White and Blue food/dessert SOMETHING. I was not getting that patriotic feeling without the Red White and Blue... 


--- 6 ---
I am kind of not in a blogging mood now. E was up at 4:15 with a "Mama my sheets are wet"... She had been doing really well with undies at night BUT I just knew last night when she went to bed early and exhausted that she would have an accident. Its back to the diapers for a week... I left the house at quarter to eight this morning dragging so now 6 hours later... A nap might be in my very near future...

--- 7 ---
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  1. It is so much pressure to have organized outfits for holidays!

    1. I KNOW, RIGHT!!! Christmas and Easter pretty staple around here for coordinating outfits but 4th of July should be but just didn't happen this year (or last year either!) : (

  2. I keep telling myself that organized outfits are for girls. I am sure when I have girls I will make up some other excuse!

    1. Haha! Well the boys we saw at the parade were in red/white/blue shirts. Old Navy has cute shirts that are cheap but the one around here closed a few years ago and I cannot bear the thought of shopping with the girls at a mall in Raleigh. And I HATE paying for shipping when I buy stuff online... R was in r/w/b because it was E's from two years ago... Ehhh... I just want my kids to have good memories and traditions about stuff and this fourth of July was kind of a bust in that department - totally my fault. If we can make it to a parade next year and see fireworks and eat something r/w/b I will feel much better about my memory making traditions : )

  3. I have a totally easy fourth snack that both your girls can help you make. Take store bought sugar cookie dough roll it out (or spread out in my case....) cook then put store bought icing on. Then let your girls decorate with strawberries, blueberries, and Walmart had these cool marshmellows that were pink, white, and blue stars. My girls (1 and 3) both loved and it tasted pretty good. Extremely easy! Loved your parade Picts. No parades for us here in Phoenix. No one wants to get out in 112 degrees I guess. Happy 4th!