Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Continued Ballet Success with a Twist

Well since I know that you all are dying for a ballet camp update here goes...

Today E got some 3 on 1 teaching/camping since her ballet class friend was sick (side note ballet camp friend also happens to be Lamaze class buddy!) Small world, no?

E was super cute. She was trying to twirl down the room but she keep twirling in place. The teachers thought it was hilarious and it really was! She had to take a few water breaks and could not keep her hands off her tutu. She is so silly!

So she had a great time. Excellent. Success in this mama's book. 

Then flash forward 15 minutes. E got mail - from the county. Soccer sign up form (and football and softball and baseball but she's too little). Soooo... again E is posed with the question. Ballet or soccer? Both she asks? No, no remind Papa and I. 

E - Soccer better ballet...
Me - Why?
E - ...
Me - Well you have to chose now but you don't have to make a decision yet. 

So how do you really discern/interpret what your 3 yr old is telling you? I think she enjoys both soccer and ballet. I was talking to ballet camp friend's mama about the issue because her daughter is doing Jiu-Jitzu. So how do you know? Do you trust the whims of a 3 yr old? I guess it depends on the kid. There are some 3 yr olds who have a mind of there own - E is one of them. 

Well E does not have to have her mind made up until the end of August.

On the mail issue, do kids still have pen pals? I think E could totally get into coloring and exchanging 'letters' with a pen pal. She loves getting mail!

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