Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Why do you have a single Oreo in a container on your counter?

So this was the scene on our counter last week (maybe the week before). And to answer the question in short form - it is because my 3 yr old asked me to save her one.

The longer answer is that we had some friends over for lunch one Sunday afternoon - and since we sharpened our hosting skills - we planned for a sweet after lunch. For whatever reason Lee got 2 packs of Oreos from the store. The chocolate on chocolate ones and the Double Stuff regulars - we can debate the ranking of Oreos filling flavors and cookies in another post. ANYWAYS, everyone had their fill of Oreos after lunch and that left the each of the pack about 75% full. As you know, I am pregnant and as you will soon find out, I have about (ehm) no self control when it comes to chocolate - especially A. when I am pregnant and B. when my OB has not put me on weight-gain lockdown.

Needless to say there was a single Oreo left in our house on Wednesday per E's request, "Mamaaaaa, don't eat all the Oreos". I told her I would save her one for dessert and that's what I did.

Lee was less than thrilled with the Oreo devouring situation but he totally brought it upon himself and I blame him completely - because clearly we only needed one pack of Oreos in the first place.

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  1. It's funny that she's okay with just one Oreo. I, for one, had 3 Oreos today (and a few chocolate truffles... and some ice cream with caramel sauce and whipped cream...). But the Oreos were my favorite! Love affair. Oreos and pizza are my heaven.

    She'll learn one day. Or maybe she'll have ridiculous self control. Unfortunately I don't know a single woman who likes Oreos and can just have one at a time.

    1. Yeah... at 3 her dessert allotment is one so fortunately for her, she does not know better!