Sunday, July 7, 2013


We had some good ones today...

Me - What dress do you want to wear to church?
E - I need my ballerina bag.
Me - Why, we are going to church?
E - I need to check on my ballerina stuff
{She has been dragging/wearing the bag around all day. Ready for ballet camp? Just a little but}

E - Are you going to use some barbie on that?
Lee - What? No, I am going to put some barbecue sauce on the ribs
E - Oh the barbie sauce
{Hello Aussie child!}

{In reference to her napkin while unsuccessfully trying to get barbecue sauce off it}
Lee - I don't think I have ever heard someone talk about a napkin like that

Jibbe - Why are you not wearing your undies to bed?
E -..., ..., I wet the bed... last night {even though it was really 3 nights ago}
Jibbe - Oh, some times that happens
E - Yeah... sometimes you do it too!
Jibbe - {trying not to laugh too much} I think its been a really long time
E - Well sometimes...

{After taking her '5 minutes' and putting away her ballerina clothes}
E - What are we going to watch next, Iron Chef?
Me - No its bed time
E - I think we should watch Iron Chef.

This is E's train that all her animals ride...

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