Sunday, July 28, 2013

Overheard... These will never get old

E - I had a yogurt popsicle
Jibbe - You did!
E - I did.
Jibbe - What flavor was it?
E - It was YOGURT!
Jibbe - No what flavor was it?
E - Ummm... it did not have a flavor

Jibbe - Where do you want to go for lunch tomorrow?
E - I want to go through the drive thru with R and you need to bring the van
Jibbe - Okay I'll drive the van
E - And I want a juice box and chicken nuggets and R wants a milkshake and I want chocolate milk

E - R keeps on ttacking me! She tacks me!
Me - Its okay. She loves you
E - But mama she always ttacks me

{at the spray park where everyone where a wrist band}
E - Mama take this off its killin me! Its killin me Papa!
Me - If you take it off you have to leave and its pretty loose
E - Its killin me!

{While working on her puzzle}

E - Where's Grandpa Joe live?
Me - In Raleigh
E - He eats ALL the figs {Fig Newtons - yeah I am one of those parents who counts Fig Newtons as cookies and uses them for dessert}
Me - He does?
Me - Grammy can get more.
E - We have figs too. He can eat our figs because WE HAVE A WHOLE NEW PACKAGE! {bouncing up and down} A WHOLE NEW PACKAGE! A WHOLE NEW PACKAGE!!!!

{resumes and completes 100 piece puzzle; minus the border which I did but I did not put a single middle piece in the puzzle. There was direction given on twisting the pieces to fit but once she settled into her calmed, semi-focused puzzle state - she was good. Those last seven pieces were painful to watch... I just wanted to pick them up and put them in the right spot - yeah my OCD tried to rear its ugly head but I kept it at bay so E could say she did it!}

Me - Do you want to where Elmo to bed?
R - Elbow? Elbow! ELBOW!!!!

{She even commandeered E's Elmo for bedtime purposes. E is demanding Elmo be returned by the time her bedtime roll around}

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