Sunday, July 21, 2013

Siete posts in Siete Days...

As I sit here atop the SkyClub I have been plotting what I should post for the next seven days ever since Jen announced the challenge. My plan was to get my monthly posts done starting from a few months ago where I left off but I ran out of time yesterday and I did not get the pictures uploaded to the computer in time so you'll be stuck with some random musing and ideas that have come to me over the past few days and some posts I have been meaning to make that I pictures for. Here's a plan (rough outline; not making guarantees):

Monday - Where would be be without grandparents? - I've got some recent goodies
Tuesday - Why is there a single Oreo in a container on our counter?
Wednesday - Sometimes I wish I did a load of laundry everyday!
Thursday - A few good finds at the consignment store (and other musings)
Friday - The QTs
Saturday - Maybe a monthly update... or two? Papa is going to have to come through for me on uploading the pics...
Sunday - Happy Birthday Week Papa! (how we celebrated when we did not have kids and what we'll do this year : )

For now I'll try and enjoy my 48 hours to myself - well sans girls that is. I'll not think about how both girls started screaming/teary-eyed in unison when I kissed them when I got dropped off at the airport. I'll be super grateful for supportive hubby, Grammy and Jibbe who are making sure that all is well in my absence.

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